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SpecMojo launches in New Zealand

Introducing a smarter way to create specifications for automation initiatives

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SpecMojo launches in New Zealand

It’s safe to say the team is over the moon and celebrating years of effort that have already gone into bringing a new product to life!

What is SpecMojo, you ask? It’s a powerful SaaS tool we’ve created to make the working lives of Business Analysts and other process professionals easier by offering a smarter way to create specifications for automation initiatives.

What does SpecMojo do?

SpecMojo enables Business Analysts to capture and manage business processes, in a unique and structured way, producing detailed specifications that optimise processes and delivery timeframes for automation initiatives.

Why SpecMojo?

Using SpecMojo provides Business Analysts with a solution that is:

  • Centralised – providing a singular, digital source of ongoing truth
  • Independent – create requirements that can be used with other platforms
  • Structured for success – use a structured approach to gathering all requirements for better consistency and more detail
  • Detailed – capture and manage processes down to fine detail to uncover innovation opportunities
  • Allows versioning and collaboration – work across teams to capture requirements for specifications with confidence

Our vision for SpecMojo:

To empower process professionals, at any experience level, with the right tools to drive success in a digital world.

SpecMojo was born from our experience building a next generation hyperautomation platform to better manage and automate complex processes in a digital world. Our team saw a clear need for a way to capture requirements for such execution platforms that worked across technologies to enable more efficiency across processes. Gaining operational efficiency from automation platforms and tooling is necessary to build or hold a competitive edge as we move forward in a digital world.

If you are curious about how SpecMojo can work for you or your team, please get in touch.

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