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SpecMojo releases new features to support Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Our latest release is packed with exciting features

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SpecMojo releases new features to support Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Our latest release is packed with exciting features that extend our platform across the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We’ve been hard at work extending SpecMojo’s capability, and we are excited to announce the following new features:

Jira Integration
Streamlining the process of progressing specifications for development, this feature enables analysts to effortlessly push specifications directly into Jira. Seamless integration empowers users to prioritise and allocate tasks to sprints, reducing any manual work to create user stories.

Upload BPMN Diagrams
When creating a new process in SpecMojo, you now have the option to upload existing .bpmndiagrams directly into the tool. This enhancement accelerates the creation of high-level process steps, allowing analysts to quickly delve into data-driven details.

Modeller Enhancements
Thanks to the valuable feedback, we have improved our modeller to better reflect process branching, the capability enables a more accurate representation of how data evolves across a process and what data invokes the next step in a process. 

Our development team is always hard at work enhancing the SpecMojo experience. What’s next?

  • Enabling integration with Azure DevOps Boards
  • Upgrading the dictionary to capture more data across various categories, ensuring a data-first approach
  • Exploring generative AI capabilities, reducing the effort to capture detailed specifications

PS – SpecMojo is now available on  Azure Marketplace, making it easier than ever for enterprise customers use our platform to regain control of specifications for automation.

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